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Transform how you do business by having all your data, bookings, revenue, marketing & more in one place

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Increase Revenue Per Event, Without Any Effort

Hands off automation in place to ensure you are getting the most revenue out of each booking. Consider it as an extra salesperson... but you don't have to pay them.

Collect & Monetize 15x More User Data

Instead of just capturing contact info for the event host, we automatically work to capture all of the guests' contact info so that you can re-market to them.

Track Your Numbers Like Never Before

Finally, a software that allows you to track every piece of booking data. Whether it's which employee sells the most add-ons or how much you make per party guest, Bookhou has it all.

Your entire staff can manage parties from their phones

Assign each party to their host and allow your team to manage their parties and schedules from their phones.

Track Advertising Costs On Facebook & Google

Our full marketing integration allows you to see the exact dollar amount booked from each of your Facebook & Google campaigns so that you can track where your money is coming in from accurately.

Seamless Customer Checkout Experience

A customized booking page flow designed by e-commerce experts to maximize the amount of customers that book. Anyone who vists and does not book will automatically be prompted to book over the next 3 days.

UNLIMITED Waivers For Your Guests

Effortless integration of your waivers allows for all guests to already have them signed and filled out before arriving to your party. All of this, with no extra fees.

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of Bookhou bookings.

$500 Setup Fee

$99 Monthly base fee

$5 Per Booking for the
first 20 events.

$4 Per Booking after that